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Content Marketing for Canadian Small Businesses

Like many business owners, you are too busy running the day to day operations and feel you should spend more time on developing leads.  This is where we can help.  You may have dabbled in social media, your website content may be out of date, and you are sick of paying for one-off advertisements that yield poor ROI? Looking for a marketing strategy that brings in leads today, next month, and even two years from now?

Content marketing is the answer. And you need a skilled and knowledgeable copywriter to help you implement it.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a dentist, plumber, roofer, or carpet cleaner, we’re here to create content that helps Canadian small and medium sized businesses, like yours, thrive.


Want a marketing strategy that leads to long term results? We’ll create keyword optimized content that continually drives organic traffic to your website while building trust and online authority amongst your customers.



Do you feel your website traffic is not converting into customers? We’ll put together website content that makes sure you’re converting traffic and leads to paying customers.



Want to start a conversation around your brand, product or service? We’ll design a social media strategy that allows you to stay engaged with current customers while building relationships with new ones.  This includes local posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn geotargeting your customer base.  We can also help with strategic plans for Instagram and Snapchat.